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Big Orange Shout-Out

Big Orange Shout-Outs provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer recognition. They allow EM team members to recognize other team members (peers, supervisors, and direct reports) for their extraordinary contributions.

Below is a collection of shout-outs we have received throughout the duration of this program. Send in your own shout-out!


Kylie Rigdon

When I think of Kylie, I think of the word helper! I haven't known Kylie for long, but one thing I have noticed is that she is one of the first people to step up to the plate if ANYONE needs help. She is such a hard worker and a very selfless person. She is not only a great teammate but she has become a close friend! It blows my mind knowing I have yet to meet Kylie in person. It is amazing how well you can get to know someone virtually. I can not wait to finally meet her in person, give her a giant hug and tell her in person how incredible she is! Thank you for being a helper, Kylie! You are so great!

Jacob DeLuca

Michael Smith-Porter

I want to send a HUGE shout-out to Michael for being the fearless leader of the CFO's (Chief Fun Officers). In the short time I have known him, I can truthfully say he is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met. Unfortunately in life sometimes we encounter people who only want to elevate themselves (sadly, I am sure we all know someone like that)... Michael is the OPPOSITE of that! He strives to build people up and bring joy to people. In dark times, Michael shines his bright light and helps people. Its been so great getting to know him and work with him! We all love you, Michael!

Jacob DeLuca

Holly Collins

I’m so thankful for Holly Collins! She’s always been dependable and hard working, but I’ve seen this heighten during these uncertain times for our students and families. She is a student advocate, thinking critically on the how to best serve our students. She's also fun and witty--someone I greatly miss seeing each day! I’m so happy to call her my coworker!

Julie Gillette

Lisa Bell

Lisa has been such an amazing Fun Officer for the Office of the University Registrar. She has made it one of her top priorities to make sure that our office stays connected and having a great time with one another along with the entire Enrollment Management division while telecommuting. She created a fantastic virtual scavenger hunt and a thoroughly challenging yet fun game of work-from-home bingo. I don't know how we would survive these trying times without the fun that she contributes to our office.

Travis Holsapple

Michael Smith-Porter

I asked Michael to help facilitate a remote compression planning session. With a goal of brainstorming with no limits, Michael identified a way to create the compression planning experience through the use of Jamboard! Michael is always thinking in proactive ways and identifying solutions....oftentimes before I even know the question! Michael is a Rock Star!

Janet Schmitt

Kim Heinz

While working with Kathy Abbott to serve an incarcerated former student (from several years ago), Kim took the initiative to add a bit of Power T orange to the outgoing mail and to brighten this former student's day. Power T's represent a very special Volunteer spirit.....Kim made sure that everyone feels the Volunteer connection!

Janet Schmitt

Brittney Cannon and Sarah Payton

Brittney and Sarah have been absolute superstars throughout this pandemic! They have been working tirelessly to craft amazing emails, create incredible print pieces, and think out-of-the-box for fun, interactive ways to engage our students while they are away from campus. They have brought the Big Orange spirit to all of our Vols—students and otherwise. Thank you for your continued hard work and positive vibes! 🧡

Christine Smith

Tom Broadhead

Tom has always been great about helping to answer my questions, even from afar! I wish I had the opportunity to work more closely with you, Tom!

Ashley Anderson

Jacob Deluca

Shout-out to Jacob Deluca, who created and implemented a steps-challenge for the division. The friendly competition has well over a fourth of the Enrollment Management team engaged and actively participating. I know I've personally enjoyed the daily conversations with colleagues and getting those steps in by participating in the 1 Million Steps to May Challenge.

Also - Jacob hosted an incredible virtual happy hour for the division recently.

I know you've only been a part of EM for a short time, but I couldn't imagine our team without you. Kudos, Jacob!

Michael Smith-Porter

Jordan Lynde

Thank you to Jordan Lynde for always being willing to jump in and do whatever is needed. Whether it’s outbound calling, emails, special projects, etc., he’s the first to volunteer to help. We can always rely on him to assist students and our office in whatever way that might look like right now. I’m so thankful to have him on our team.

Julie Gillette

Laura Stansell

Laura Stansell is the fearless leader of the VC team! She has done such an incredible job of making us all still feel connected and engaged, despite our new normal. Because of her, I can honestly say that we have grown closer as a team now than we were before. Laura even went so far as to send us all a work-from-home care package, complete with fuzzy, glittery pens and snacks! She is the glue holding us together and giving us direction during this time, and I am so honored to call her my supervisor and my friend.

Maggie Keene

Courtney Klinedinst

Courtney, you've only been with our team for a short while, but you've made a big impact! You have hit the ground running to say the least. I appreciate all that you've added to our team already--including the fact sheet that you sent out to our team to help us with our calls and the freshman team family album which is so fun and is a great way to bring us together! I'm so glad you joined our team!

Ashley Anderson

Lauren Rucker

I've never met someone who brings so much passion, determination, creativity and professionalism to their job as Lauren. She juggled a billion projects daily with grace and enthusiasm before the pandemic and has juggled a billion and one even more elegantly. I'm thankful to have Lauren on my side not only as a coworker, but as a friend.

Morgan Carroll

Patricia Cash

Thank you to Patti for helping everyone with technology issues! We're living in a whole new world these days and all of the help is appreciated.

Roy Wood

Lexie Walker

Lexie, you are KILLING IT with our academic colleges! Getting academic partners on board with new initiatives can be a challenge, and you have embraced it and already have so much buy-in with producing these additional online experiences for our Future Vols. Thank you for your incredible work, relentless passion, and incredible level of detail. You ROCK!

Laura Stansell